Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's day, are your kids ready?

I've covered this ground before on helping your kids with gifts for mom. Hopefully, mom and yourself are getting along beautifully for your children. Better yet I hope that you are a single household family, but if you're not.. When you think of the mother of your children and a picture develops in your mind of zombies, werewolves and demons from the outer rim then read on. I hope that you have already helped your kids put together the best possible mother's day. Remember, you're doing this for your children. I can go on and on about one of the best way to love your children is to love their mother, but if your still battle weary from a divorce then I'm sure you will tune me out.
Show your kids how much you love them and help them with Mother's day. Your children will thank you and not too mention it might be the first step towards peace with you ex.
An idea: Get a gift card for a local restaurant (say IHOP) so your kids can take mom to breakfast. There I go on the breakfast thing again. Get a canvas from you local art store and paint it a solid color, depending upon your child's gender, and have your kids dip their hands in silver paint and make hand prints. Easy, quick and it looks great. Most of all just be there and supportive of your kids own ideas for mom, they will love you for it.


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