Thursday, October 8, 2009

CAUTION: online learning can cause "uncontrollable gas".

I would think with all the graphics available these days on computers that someone could make learning online somewhat fun. I'm not asking for graphics from the game HALO, but that would be a great start. Last night I'm working with my son on phonograms and how can I pester
him about paying attention and keep him awake when I'm asleep drooling all over the key board?. Daddy you're snoring-oops back to homework son.
Then the confusion sets in when the narrator is describing that the phonogram "ck" never comes after a vowel, before a vowel, or on Sunday. This online learning program should come with some medical warning like, "Parents listening to this with your children could result in the following symptoms and conditions: Spontaneous Combustion, Random detaching of limbs, The sudden loss of ones head, Oily bowels, uncontrollable gas, wax-like discharge from ears. Please
see your medical professional should these symptoms last more than 48 hours or you actually understand what the narrator is saying. Maybe an explosion or two could help this learning program, put in a dragon or alien from the outer realm. Something........
Check it out with "CAUTION":


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