Thursday, October 8, 2009

Funny, Scary and True, but CAREFUL parents!

No idea if the amount is actually correct, but from the last time I dug into these numbers I know it's close. Our parents should be ashamed of letting this happen to us and we as parents should beg our children for forgiveness should we not correct this problem.
Parents be very careful with politics and your children regardless of the truth to it. I doubt the little girl in the photo has any idea what a dollar is, much less the debt we are saddling all children with. Besides the photo is only true if we allow it to be and our kids have enough on their minds with major life complications like why have they not met anyone who actually looks like Dora the Explorer?.
Politics and religion is the domain of us parents, but make sure your kids are receiving age appropriate guidance and education from you. You'll know it's appropriate when they ask you questions about what you are discussing with them. For heaven sake don't use them as
political pawns for then we would not only be saddling them with obscene debt but engaging in political brain washing as well. Parents are better than this and kids deserve our best.


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  1. I agree 100%. Regardless of what side you fall on, using your children in this way is just wrong.

    Thanks King Dad for saying it so clearly!



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