Thursday, November 19, 2009

Earl Woods is a KINGDAD

Few of us are not at least vaguely aware of the love Tiger Woods has for his father. Earl Woods as a father is on display everyday through Tiger, but is that solely because of Tiger's celebrity?

While many have attempted to subvert a family legacy through lavish excess of monument and even distractions. As in the case of the Nobel Peace prize founder Alfred Nobel. Alfred invented dynamite, in case you didn't know. I applaud Alfred's vision and effort to look into the ages of history yet to come with an apparent determination to leave a positive mark on this world. But what kind of man and more specifically what kind of father was Alfred? I have a little reading to do.

In the case of Earl Woods his legacy is for lack of a better term, living on. Everything both good and bad is on full display with Tiger for us all to critique daily. Regardless of one's opinion of Tiger as a person or an athlete, I doubt many will question Tiger's love for his father. I am a big fan of Tiger Woods for the record and I've become a fan of Earl Woods as well. I'm not aware currently of what Earl's secret was, but I do see a pattern of these celebrities close relationships with good fathers. I've heard many times celebrities refer to their father as always there for them. First rule of parenting is to show up. Right? Don't answer just accept that it is. Earl showed up for Tiger and as near as I can tell, he still is. Luckily for all of us non-celebrity families Tiger is a celebrity and we can see almost any weekend the impact we all have as parents. I think Earl was able to be a great father in spite of Tiger's celebrity and Tiger will continue to shine brightly in the spotlight as a result of it.

I encourage you to take a second, regardless of your situation, and ask what you can do this week to make a positive impact on your children. Here's a suggestion for a first step: Show up.


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