Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas should start in July!

Thus far my complaining about retailers advertising for Christmas earlier than ever has yet to impact their decisions. So I have officially given up in complaining and I will actually be joining them in getting the Christmas season kicked off earlier from now on. Hate me if you want, but if you think about it, it's a great idea to start now.

We are all extremely short of time during the holiday season, right?. Imagine having at least a couple of gifts already picked out and wrapped for some of the people on your list. Whew, one less thing to do. Plus I will see some of my out of town relatives this Thanksgiving and I can actually save on shipping Christmas gifts by giving them their present during the Turkey day festivities. You know the more I think about this early gift giving it can be like gift receiving insurance. Face it we all have either forgotten certain gifts or simply just overlooked people in our lives for Christmas gifts. But how often have you failed to give someone a gift who has gotten you one? Rarely or never?.

If anything we should be celebrating all events earlier. My birthday is in March, but I won't hold it against anyone for getting me a gift now. Happy New Year and the Fourth of July, well fireworks are great year round. Easter...ok the eggs can be a little cumbersome and not too mention the smell from all this missed eggs rotting in the yard. You get my point.

You can start today by sending a holiday card to our troops now thanks to the folks at Xerox.


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