Monday, November 30, 2009

Once upon a time-Global Warming!

What does global warming have to do with being a parent or specifically being a father you ask? Everything.

In full disclosure, I have been a skeptic of global warming for many years. Since growing up under the global cooling fanatics of the 70's and 80's left me living in fear that after graduating college I would end up living in an igloo. Then the same people and groups claimed it was now global warming and that's when my first reaction became that these scientist are complete morons. At the time I had this thought I had little comprehension as to political agenda's and the overwhelming desires of others for more control and power. The nail in the coffin came long before I started digging around on my own after hearing almost any stat provided by so called "environmental" groups and discovering that their stats are often twisted, incomplete, or simply irrelevant to the problem they are attaching them to. Now I'm supposed to believe that this dire situation of global warming can be solved by taxes? Then take into account how old the planet is and the fact that our record keeping of temperatures is just a spec on the very long time line of history. How do we make determination based on a couple of hundred years when the earth's history is millions of years old? The thermometer has only been around since the 1700's. Then to realize that the earth goes through it's own climate cycles and will continue to do so, irregardless of our benevolent or malicious efforts. I often think the climate change crowd is utterly inept in comprehending as to just how large our planet is, but more so I realize that their is an utter abundance of misinformation out there. Hell, didn't we just discover 3 new species of crocodiles on the planet? Not the smallest microbe, but 5 foot long crocodiles. I think we have a lot more to learn about our planet, before we try and solve any problems.

Don't get me wrong on my stance of this highly debated issue and yes I do get extremely skeptical when I hear "According to the Government". I love organic and recycling, but I don't want anymore plastic products. I want a four wheel drive truck that gets 500 miles to the gallon or one that runs on water producing 1200 horse power to the rear wheels with a zero to 60 under 3 seconds. I would love my house to run only on solar and wind power, both assuming the R.O.I. is under 60 years.

Taxes really are the answer? If money can fix it then it's not really a problem is it?. At least that's how I have been raised. Maybe I'm completely wrong and one thing is for sure time will definitely prove one of us right. In the meantime I don't welcome anyone wanting to take my children's future prosperity because of their own arrogance and demand for control of my life. We are stewards of this earth and we have a responsibility to leave it in better hands for future generations. But that responsibility includes giving our children the freedom, independence, and prosperity that so many of us willingly piss away daily. All in the name of "Global Cooling", excuse me, "Global Warming".

We just had the 34th coolest summer on record for North America. check for yourself:

Climatologist are baffled since we globally in a cooling trend. check for yourself:,1518,662092,00.html


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