Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What game systems should you get?

I easily could have posted as too how much I love the XBOX after owning almost every game system on the market. But to know that I'm not alone and that there are some who agree with me, given my recent poll question asking what is the best game system. The results posted at right just helps to boost my already overinflated ego, plus I don't have to be alone. The XBOX 360 is the system you should own or should plan to own in the future. I said it, so it must be true and now you can rest assured and go buy one. Ha.

Don't get me wrong about some of the other great systems available on the market like the Wii, but don't get this one because of the exercise value. It's still a video game console and unless you plan to run a marathon carrying the Wii on your back you're not going to be backing into an old wardrobe anytime soon. The Wii is fun for those cold rainy days that you are stuck inside and can play what I'll call retro games like bowling or tennis. If you have the ability I would encourage you to own a Wii in addition to the XBOX, especially if you have younger children. At 4 years of age my son loved playing Wii Bowling and at family gatherings we often get out the Wii in the evening. Make no mistake that you will not be burning off mom's pumpkin pie while playing the Wii, but it is helpful to stay awake after heavy holiday meals.

The Playstation 3... Well what can I say after owning the playstation 2?. I was among the many waiting for the much anticipated PS3 to hit the market. After owning a PS3 I'm now wondering if I can get my money back and additional compensation for the added air conditioning costs related to owning a PS3. My lord if this system ran any hotter my house would spontaneously combust and I can guess my homeowners insurance doesn't cover game systems that operate in super nova mode. Granted the latest model on the market apparently operates cooler than the surface of sun unlike its predecessor, but that brings me to the games. No matter what system you own, your children will want a game that will not work with it. I get it and accept this fact like gravity, but Wii and XBOX sure seem to be hitting the mark with more games my kids are craving. That leaves me at price and simply put it costs more at every turn. Games cost more, system costs more, and accessories cost more. Did I mention my electric bills are higher? Ok, so I'm not a fan of PS3. On a positive note, I am a fan of the PSP for those long road trips. See, I'm not anti Sony.

XBOX hits on all cylinders. I bought a couple extra for other rooms to use as my HD Player. Which works out well when my son is trying to wake me in the morning and he can fire up a game in my room and I can still sleep. Well sort of sleep, but at least I don't have to get out of bed. XBOX definitely has all the games young boys will want to play and yes Dads as well. Price is right and it does more.... I can stream my Netflix subscription to my XBOX and beat the hell out of, I mean play, family members online with XBOX live. Plus my kids can get a free trial to hundreds of games with XBOX live. This is a lot cheaper than buying the game that they play once and then you find it during spring cleaning growing green fungus under their bed. I will say my daughter is not as keen on the XBOX as my son and again if you can get both the XBOX and a Wii I encourage you to do so.

The XBOX does win, but I hope before anyone thinks about which one to purchase I hope you already own the essentials. Soccer balls, baseballs, footballs, swings, etc. anything that gets you outside with your kids to play as a family. If you already have all of these, well then "Game On".


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