Monday, December 21, 2009

State of Texas and the NY Times, bringing eduction to your children?

It's called Project Share and is a joint effort between the Texas Education Agency, Epsilen LLC, and the New York Times to collaborate on a Innovative eLearning Portal. Immediately upon hearing that the NY Times is involved and my guard goes up and I'm wondering who is hitting the Christmas eggnog early to allow this to go forward in Texas. Then my fears become reality as I see an all too common feel good buzz word used in the press release announcing this. "Innovative" sounds cheery and forward thinking right, but then again so does the word Progressive and I think history has proven how that turns out. Ok, so my politics is on full display with this post and yes I think the New York Times is about as neutral as Hitler was in offering free housing to Jews. Oh, but look our children and teachers can access 150 years of information from the New York Times repository. That has to be good, right?. Oh crap, further in the press release more buzz words such as "forward thinking" and the "innovative" word again.
Political agendas have no place in our classrooms, for either party. And this is extremely disturbing to me that someone in the Texas Education Agency is allowing this to move forward.

Read the press release here:


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