Sunday, February 14, 2010

Single Dad vs Single Guy Pt.2 (Beautiful Woman)

Looking back over the last couple of years and I realize that being a single dad has changed my view of the world when it comes to the opposite sex. Single Guy often times is telling the Single Dad to shut the hell up and vice versa. Being a Single Dad to the most beautiful little girl in the world only enhances this conflict. Little things change in daily encounters like in thanking women often I will say, "Thanks Princess". Oops and so sorry, I say princess so much to my little girl that it now just slips out. Most women just giggle a bit, but there are a few that give me looks like I'm an utter loon.

So what happens when I see a beautiful woman? Here is an example of various thoughts that go through the mind of one Single Dad/Single Guy.

Single Dad: I will never let my daughter dress that way
Single Guy: I bet she's wearing matching bra and panties

Single Dad: My daughter would love her purse
Single Guy: What an outfit

Single Dad: Oh lord all the guys must be chasing her and that day is coming with my little girl
Single Guy: Let's go to Cancun for the weekend

Single Dad: Too much perfume
Single Guy: Can't think straight and I need to get closer

Single Dad: Do her parents know what she is wearing
Single Guy: I bet she looks great naked

Single Dad: She's nice and very sweet
Single Guy: Yep, she wants me

And the battle continues...


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