Friday, February 12, 2010

Why does school lunch food suck?

I strongly encourage you to surprise your kids at school to have lunch with them. More so, to eat or at least attempt to consume what your school is attempting to pass off as food. My God how hard can it be to make an edible hamburger? Needless to say that I make my kids lunch everyday, at their request I might add. What's odder is that the Houston school district announced a plan to force (possibly) all children to take part in the school's wonderful breakfast. I'm no rocket scientist, but it appears to me that the school district has two diabolically opposite objectives. One to promote perfect attendance and then at the same time to force children to eat the items they are passing off as food. Seriously, if you are going to force kids to eat the food shouldn't you first make sure that you actually have food in the first place? Oh and your poor family doctor will be overloaded with all the children flooding into their offices with various stomach ailments due to the new forced breakfast objective.

Where is this all coming from? Did the teachers union pension fund invest heavily in Pepto Bismol or maybe the doctors are now giving kickbacks to the school district?

I'm sure I'll rant in another post about some idiotic pencil pusher trying to circumvent us parents and deciding not only what, but when and where my children will eat.


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