Thursday, February 25, 2010

What age should kids get their first gun? Pt. 2

I really loved all the feedback and many of you pointed out the fact that I didn't pose the question of, "if" kids should get a gun.  In full disclosure I don't really want to go into this argument, but I will touch on it a bit.  After many years in technology sales and developing what is essentially the art of observing human behavior, I have applied this practice to parenting.  Not too mention I grew up around and with guns all my life.

I find it curious to watch a room full of young boys playing shooting games on their xBox and then running off to have Nerf Gun wars.  I would urge all of you to put some Nerf guns out and rent Call of Duty for your xBox, assuming you don't have it in your home.  Then just watch how the children interact.  I've had this opportunity many times and it only enforced my own views about guns from my upbringing.  Thanks to a dear friend of mine who owns an interactive birthday and after school care center I have seen rooms full of kids interacting with guns.  I will say that some little boys seem literally obsessed with guns, but at the same time I found it alarming that the same obsessed little boys have parents who forbid guns or shooting games.  How this translates when they reach maturity and join the rest of the world is only speculation.  Looking back on my years and the friends who have accompanied me up to my families ranch can give me some insight.  My friends growing up who always seemed intent on showing off their parents guns or would exhibit gun safety practices that would scare the devil himself were the kids who were not allowed to touch guns.  Like it or not, guns are part of our world and I believe every child should at least have one course in gun safety to at least know when their out of control gun obsessed friend is using unsafe gun practices.



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