Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Small business owners new frontier, Mom.

The American dream is alive and well when it comes to new businesses, products, and services.  All thanks to Mom.

After getting past the throngs of mom groups online and being slightly disappointed in the sparse number of dads groups, something occurred to me.  Wow, there are a lot of new entrepreneurs out there with the commonality of motherhood.  Think of the product and most likely will you will find an online niche store run by honest to goodness moms.  It's refreshing to get away from the mega chain stores with the actresses who are not moms, but play ones on tv to pitch products.  Don't get me wrong about the large chains, for I'm a frequent customer, but I like mom and pop stores.  Well I guess these emerging stores are just mom stores, but in the spirit of mom and pop stores of old.

Until I become inspired to make the latest and greatest embroidered mattress guard, I will cheer on the entrepreneurship of moms.  Besides us dads do look at parenting a bit different, but it could work.  I could invent a supped up power wheels Hummer with 300 horsepower and a sippy cup holder for kids.  Hmmm, I may have to open my own store. Ha.

Great job moms!

Two examples of mom businesses:


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