Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Texas War over children is on!

I have blogged in the past on the topic of what appears to me to almost be indoctrination or political brainwashing of children.  Now it really hits home in a recent conversation with my son.

Issues I'm aware of to date on inappropriate information given to my children (1st grade and younger)
1.) Obama is the greatest President ever (he hadn't been elected yet) - Mom and Dad can say this but 3rd parties should keep opinions to themselves.
2.) Teacher/Care Taker will be voting for Obama- Again, Mom and Dad can discuss this, but impressionable kids don't need to hear this at school.
3.) Nature/Plant teacher informs kids that what comes out of cars is bad for plants- How about you just talk about plants.
4.) The Polar Bears are out of food and that there are only a few left- This one's odd since I'm now seeing reports that due to the population growth of Polar Bears they are eating all the food.  This all could be innocent, but it sure seems close to some political lightening rods.

Just leave my kids alone and let them have their childhood.  Parents make no mistake that their are groups from both ends of the political spectrum that want access and control of your kids, hence the video from one extreme group.  This nut case of a group held rallies nationwide to launch their campaign called, "National Day of Action to Defend Public Education".  I know you're busy and maybe feeling a little tired with all we do daily just being a parent.  You need to look at what your kids are being taught.  Especially here in Texas, for currently the text books are being changed and it is this change that will impact children nationwide for the next decade.  Apparently, the nation follows Texas text books and thus every extreme group is jumping into the eduction battle. 
Do you know what they are changing, adding, and deleting?  As an example of some of the changes, and I've touched on this in the past, Neil Armstrong is being removed from the history books.  Which makes sense, right?  Really, Armstrong was only the first man to walk on the moon and that's not really history is it?  Obviously, sarcasm on my part.

I recommend you get in contact with the following (per Texas and could differ in your state)
SBOE (State Board of Eduction)
TEA (Texas Education Agency)
State Representative
Local Independent School District Super Independent
Principal of your kids School
Teachers Unions (4 in Texas)

At the least you should know who these people are and take a couple of minutes on behalf of your children and call each one and let them know that you are an active and concerned parent.  More so that you are watching what they are doing.  The days of the trusting uninvolved parent is over when it comes to our kids education.


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