Thursday, March 11, 2010

Morning Sunshine Coffee Mugs order today

I'm a believer in starting the day off right and on a cheery note.  This came from my childhood and my Mimi used to tell me morning sunshine in addition to cutting up cantaloupes for me.  Funny how the little things stay vibrant in one's memory many years down the road.  Now with my children I have been giving them a big hug and telling them Morning Sunshine from the time they were born.  It's now so ingrained in them, that lord help me if we wake up late and I should forget.  This is also where KINGDADS breakfast came from and just an everyday breakfast is a very large part of our family routine.
Recently my son gained some notoriety at school for a piece of artwork he created.  We have now put his artwork on a coffee mug series to help you start your day off right as well.  I would encourage you to create your own Morning Sunshine artwork and you can offer the world a cheery morning coffee mug using the same site as we have.  Or feel free to send me the artwork and I'll add it to a coffee mug on the KINGDADS store.

As with all KINGDADS products; $1.00 per item will go to a charity.  My son selected Texas Children's Hospital as the recipient of donations from his coffee mug.  Start your day off right and support a great children's hospital in the process.  Win Win!


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