Thursday, March 18, 2010

Texas School Board caves under pressure to stop teaching the Bible.

The course in question was offered was an elective and last time I checked the word elective meant having choice.  Is this really a win for students to limit their options as to what they can learn about in school?  Many times lately when I hear and see issues individuals or groups are fighting over, I can only shake my head.  I can only assume that their are multitudes of generations out there whom were not taught by their parents to look for solutions.  Here we have some group upset that kids can choose on their own to take a course involving the bible.  Part of the argument from this group to remove the course is on the grounds that if you offer one type of religious bible class then you have to offer all types of religions.  Does this make any sense on many levels?  Why didn't this group petition the board to include more course options on religion, to give students more choices instead of taking away a course?  Why didn't the school board tell this group to go jump off a cliff and in turn protect Texas students freedom for more educational options?  Where were the parents on this issue?

Read "Part of the story" here, google for more story background:

This school board in my opinion took the easy way out and caved to the ACLU and in turn failed the students in their district.  Parents are you watching what is going on in your kids school?  For many years parents didn't have to watch the schools, but the days of trusting our educational institutions are over and parents you have to get involved.  Ask you teachers what they think of our school system and if done so in private you will be mortified by the answers.  A statement made to me by one of the most respected teachers at my kids school within the past month is this, "Schools don't teach history anymore".  The history I was taught in school was often incorrect, only part of the story, or so twisted as to be called a lie.  Teachers are now telling me it's gotten worse and if our kids don't learn history then we are condemning them to repeat it. 



  1. Was there a class on the Torah? How bout the Koran? Bhagavad Gita? No? Well, then there was ONE choice...

  2. Well Anonymous you're not seeing my point. No students were forced or told to take the course in question, but now students are forced to not take the course. There was ONE choice and now there are NO choices. Is that a win for these students?
    When did our country start celebrating eliminating all choices?
    Why didn't those protesting this class use their resources to instead provide more choices?


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