Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I just realized that I'm insane!

How on earth do you keep a straight face when talking about this world with your kids?  After talking with my kids about St. Patty's day, it occurred to me that kids must think us parents are truly insane sometimes.  Then we are supposed to teach our kids to not tell tall tales, but have you listened to yourself talk about some of the holidays? 

Look at some of the conversations:
Dad:  Happy St. Patty's Day
Kids: What's St. Patty's Day

Dad:  Celebration of Irish Culture
Kids: Huh?

Dad:  It's fun with Leprechaun's
Kids: What's a Leprechaun?

Dad:  Little magic guy dressed in green
Kids: Can we keep him if we catch him?

Dad:  Sure and we get his pot of gold
Kids: What pot of gold?

Dad: The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
Kids: (Blank look)

Dads: Oh never mind, Easter is coming
Kids:  Easter?.

Dads: Oh yeah, a bunny laying colored eggs filled with candy
Kids:  And flying Reindeer

Dads:  No, no, flying reindeer is with the fat guy in the red suit at Christmas
Kids:   Uh huh (and slowly backing away) run....


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