Monday, April 12, 2010

Sharing is crap

If your kids work extremely hard and earn a treat or some prize, is it fair that they then must share with those who didn't even try?  But we have to share to be fair!  Huh?  If my children want to share on their own accord and without any influence by me or others, then God bless em.  When they are "Forced" to share, then it's no longer sharing, but rather it becomes confiscation.
Don't get me wrong, I encourage my children to share and we have donated jackets, turkeys, money, and time in just the last six months alone.  I'm very proud of my children for keeping a homeless man in our prayers nightly called "old man shaking" and the constant request to participate in the latest charity.  I am concerned when I keep hearing this drumbeat in our culture that our children "must" share.  Kids don't have to share, but I hope that they do.  I hope that kids share by their own choice and not by some misguided attempts at fairness.  Their is nothing fair in sharing and I think kids naturally know this.


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