Friday, May 7, 2010

All 3 Navy SEALs fully EXONERATED!

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ALL THREE NAVY SEALs fully exonerated!! Why is this better than not guilty? Long story short, in the Military "Not Guilty" can still have consequences. Exonerated means they are fully immune to any charges on any level. Thanks every single person who showed their support and ask only one more thing...lets help pay back the debt these SEALs have racked up defending their Honor. Let's show them that America still has their backs!

On the early hours of September 2, 2009, a detachment unit for Navy SEAL Team 10 were ordered to capture one of the most wanted terrorists in Iraq, Ahmed Hashim Abed, the mastermind of the murder and mutilation of four Blackwater USA security guards in Fallujah in 2004. And three of the SEALs who captured him are now facing criminal charges as a result of Ahmed Hashim Abed claiming that he was abused by the three SEALs.

"Ahmed Hashim Abed will undergo the death penalty for crimes committed against the People of Iraq under court order: execution by hanging will proceed following testimony against these SEALs."

These three SEALs have a ton of legal debt as a result of having to defend themselves.  They defend us and our families and it's now our turn to contribute much needed funds to cover all of the SEALs legal expenses.

Three great ways to help your Navy SEALs:  (donate cash direct) (buy a shirt, all proceeds go to SEAL legal defense fund)  (buy a shirt, all proceeds go to SEAL legal defense fund)


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