Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ankle bracelet for your kids?

The press coverage of Lindsay Lohan's court ordered ankle bracelet has posed a question to all parents.  The ankle bracelet in question not only monitors the wearers location, but also samples the perspiration of the wearer to check for alcohol consumption.  Perusing some of the articles on Lindsay's ankle bracelet, I couldn't help but notice that some mention a question, "Can I get one for my teen?".  Wow that's a question.
Would you want a ankle bracelet for your teen?  I'm not parenting at the teen age currently, but my gut reaction is flatly no for my kids.  Talk about destroying the trust bond that ultimately can help troubled teens.  Then again, I'm sure their are extreme cases that this could be useful.  Only useful in the sense that it's up to the parents solely and not at the direction of a school district or some misguided family code.

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