Tuesday, May 25, 2010

HISD first class breakfast program

Since this program has yet to be implemented at my children's school, I have elected to limit my opinion at this time.  However, a very involved school Mom at a neighboring elementary has started a very detailed front line blog and her eyewitness account of the programs implementation at her children's school.  I am extremely skeptical of the program, due to what I see as HISD failure to provide an edible and nutritious lunch currently.  Call me silly, but if someone can't seem to get lunch right, then why on earth would you allow them to expand their program.  However, it is a noble effort and no child should go hungry and thus how can the school lunches be made better?

Read her blog here: http://www.schoolfood2010.blogspot.com/

I am very curious to hear and receive teacher feedback on this program and what impact, if any, this program is having in the classroom.  Off to do some research....


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