Friday, July 23, 2010

Prayer, "Thank You God that we are still together as a family"

Over the past couple of years we have added the line, "Thank You God that we are still together as a family", almost subconsciously.  It wasn't until just recently in saying prayers with my children that my daughter chimed in with the above line on her own.  Hearing the words from another resonated more loudly than my own words ever could.  After prayers we all talked about that being together as a family is really all that matters.  We are still together as a family, despite others best efforts to change that.

I always loved and thought that being together as a family was one of the most important pieces of this life.  Like many things in this life, I don't think we can truly appreciate what means the most to us unless we are faced with losing it.  Being a single parent you get a glimpse of not having your family together while your children are off to visit the other parent, but they will be home soon.  Right?.  Over the past 5 years I have faced the kidnapping of my children, the possibility that they may have been killed, numerous legal attempts to remove or minimize my involvement in my children's lives.  Funny thing is that I can't say I've won every court battle per se, but I've ended up with more time with my kids than almost any other single parent I know with joint custody.  I would say more time with my children is a very big win. 

This past week was no different and as in every attempt that has come before, me and my children are still a family.  There was one difference with the most recent attempt to remove me from my children's lives.  I found myself in a unique situation that in order to protect my children I must violate our legal agreement.  I chose to violate the agreement and would gladly do it again, if it means protecting my children.  I really never imagined a situation that would leave me and my children feeling Morally Right while at the same time the other parent would be Legally Right.  I guess it only serves to prove the conclusion I have come to over the years with our Texas Family Code, you can't legislate good parenting.  Only God can do that.


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  1. Amen! Chris... you made me cry...these words are so precious because I can feel the emotions behind them. I didn't know how many times really ugly things had happened to you guys, but I am so happy to see how God brought you through each one. He's in control when it seems like everything is out of control. I am truly happy for you guys. Your precious children will certainly grow up to be great adults because they have a loving, caring father willing to go to the limits to protect them and because you have intrusted them to the care of the Almighty! God Bless you!


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