Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The full history for your kids.

In regards to my post from yesterday about the need for us parents need to watch what our children are being taught in school.  I received this lead for a source from one of my readers and thank you for sharing.  I'm not endorsing this source, but I am aware of the head of this organization and his efforts recently here in Texas.  What came to be known as the, "Texas Text Book Wars", the founder of Wall Builders David Barton has a particular focus on our nation's heritage and David sought to include that in Texas text books.  One key area from my own educational experience in our public school system that was particularly lacking to say the least.

This "COULD" be a great source to either create dinner conversations with your children or to confirm facts from their school text books.  Either way, at the very least it may help you to generate some critical questions in regards to your own education or confirm the validity of that same education.



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