Monday, September 20, 2010

The trouble with text books

This above video is a small portion of the complete story you can watch online here:

Good or bad does not matter as long as truth be told and not small versions of one person's interpretation of the truth taught to our children.  I hope our schools get back to using original documents when talking about our history, like our nation's founders own journals.  Make no mistake in thinking that we can continue to trust our children's education to be directed at the political nightmarish level in Washington D.C. through the Department of Education.

A great idea I will share with you on how us parents can help police this situation.  As busy as we all are in just trying to make ends meet we must not do this job of protecting our children alone.  Form a "Parents Book Club" and invite and ask all grandparents to help as well, dividing up your children's text books into sections that each parent takes a little time out of their week to check facts on then reconvene with other parents to share your findings.  If the findings are questionable, then for your children's sake don't be silent.  Contact everyone from your children's teacher to your states Governor and don't stop until it's corrected.  Our parents did not police this for us, but we must not fail our children if they are to become the people we hope and dream them to be.

It's up to you.



  1. Maybe that would be a good school "Dad's get together" thingy you guys can do. BTW...did you get anyone to volunteer to head that group up?

  2. Great way for any parent to get involved, but great idea for dad's to push the lead on this issue.

    Yes two volunteers, but both want to make it a formal dad's club inside the PTO. I don't think that's the right direction after feedback from other schools dads club. Still need one.


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