Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Give me a Happy Meal or give me death!

So kids are not going to march in the streets over the continued assault of McDonald's Happy Meals.  Yet....

One of the great designs of our country from our nation's founders was their intent to have laws and control at a local level.  If you don't like all the rules and restrictions that either your city, county, or state are imposing upon you then you can either work locally to change it or move to another part of the state or country.  Genius really when compared to other countries around the world with most regulations and laws are coming from a centralized government.  On that note, I have no issues with San Francisco trying to pass a ban on toys in McDonald's Happy Meals.  More power to you San Fran and it's funny to me that I've met several people in the past couple of months who recently moved to my city, from San Francisco.

I will say that I'm growing more wary by the day with how much the government continues to interject itself into the realm of parenting.  While at the same time the chanting that it's all the parents fault is growing louder.  In Texas the nanny state most recently showed up with a new law requiring all children both under 8 years old and under 48 inches tall are to be in a car seat.  Great and it's for kids safety, but shouldn't this be up to the parents?  For as much as the government tries, you can not legislate good parenting.  I'm still wondering why the state of Texas didn't join their efforts with the car seat manufacturers for an awareness campaign rather than passing a law.  If laws were the end all, then most states would be well advised to just pass a law stating all parents must do a good job.  All would be fixed, right?.

The new American outlaw is being shaped and it could be comical if you think about it.  Our youth in revolt will be out at night after city mandated curfews, eating city banned happy meals, trading black market happy meal toys, with french fries (yes trans fat included), smoking, listening to music louder than approved by city law, pets off a leash, littering, jaywalking, and using profanity.  I would say smoking pot, but at this rate it looks as though pot will be legal in a couple of years. 

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