Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kids best friend

After the first dog my children had ever known passed away, I have been on the fence and admittedly delaying getting another one.  Wolfgang was a great tribute to his breed and this video shows why a  Boxer can make one of the greatest family pets and companions for your children.  The downside to having a Boxer as part of your family is when they pass on.  It takes a lingering toll on you, as would any member of your family leaving this earth to go and touch the face of God.

Learn more as to how you can help this great family dog breed:



  1. Oh I'm so sorry. I know the horrible sense of loss when a pet dies. It's awful. Some people choose to not have pets so they can avoid the great sadness when it ceases to live but the immense joy that pet brings when it is part of your life is worth it. I think boxers are brilliant and I can't wait until the day I actually have a home again, with a yard. Sam will have a big friend to play with. Maybe a boxer stuffed animal for the kids will help them. They can name it Wolfgang and talk to it when they feel sad. Then, when they feel better, you get another dog. Hugs to you all. :(

  2. Thanks Rox. Boxers are the best.


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