Friday, October 1, 2010

Is more welfare the answer?

Recently I was contacted about a prominent father advocacy group supporting pending legislation, you can read the bill by clicking on the attached link below.  H.R.2979 is the bill title and is currently needing support from more congressional members, but what exactly is this bill?

I'll spend some time over the next couple of days reading through this bill, given this could affect all of us.  If this bill passes and the impact it could have on your family, well it could be worth your time.  Glancing through the bill has left me a bit bewildered that I see no mention common from many family groups calling for equal and shared parenting.  I assume that there must be some strong benefits for families though.  Hmmmm, why am I reading that more families need to be able to exclude received child support from their  income in order to qualify for more welfare assistance?  I must be misreading this for more welfare is the opposite direction I think families need in order to be restored.

At least this type of reading can help us all fall asleep.

Read H.R.2979 here:


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