Thursday, October 21, 2010

Storm the bus Dad!

James Willie Jones is a Dad and I'm sure that most of us have seen his school bus confrontation with the bully's, whom in my opinion were assaulting his daughter.  Dad what would you do to protect your daughter?  Is storming a school bus and giving bullies a piece of your mind over the line?  This is an older story, but I can't help in pondering James Willie Jones actions.  James didn't physically harm any of the students, but the tongue lashing he gave those kids will have all of them thinking twice before approaching James's daughter.  Good for you Mr. Jones and maybe more parents, teachers, older siblings, friends, and other parents need to follow this example.  One thing is for sure in that apparently what we have been doing to address bullying- IS NOT WORKING.  How about having bullies run wind sprints until someone passes out?  Much better than having children kill themselves.

The thought that keeps coming to mind is this; Is bullying really the problem or is the problem how we now deal with bullying?  I'm sure in caveman days the stronger caveman bullied the weaker one and bullying continues to this day.  What has changed so much that children feel that they have no other option, but to take the incomprehensible step to end their lives?  If other kids stand up to bullies, then those kids end up in more trouble than the bully themselves.  Fighting is bad...right?  If parents stand up for their kids and give some degenerate bullies a piece of their mind, then we all freak out at the parent.  A good tongue lashing is bad...right?  Schools no longer employ corporal punishment with unruly bullies.  Spankings are bad...right?  We have taken away the tools that have stopped bullying for decades and yet many are scratching their heads as to why bullying is becoming so pervasive.  It's a great time to be a bully since you're really not going to get into any trouble.  What are the consequences bullies face today? 

Can I suggest we allow some ass kicking methods when dealing with bullies?  When the bullies cry about getting their butt kicked from fellow students, verbally chewed out by parents, and having their backsides turned bright red by the principal.  Well, too bad and maybe the life of being a bully isn't for you should be the only words these misguided youth should hear from society.

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  1. I've told my children to think about what that child, the bully, may be experiencing at home. Sometimes some compassion goes a long way. BUT...I have also told them that if they get hit/shoved/kicked by some kid and they have asked them politely to stop, have spoken to the teacher about it and warned both of them that he will defend himself if necessary, to go ahead and punch the kid back (unless it's a girl). They have my permission and they can tell the principal that.

    Thankfully, we haven't gotten to that point. My oldest has been punched in the mouth (which resulted in that child's 3 day suspension) and stabbed with a pencil (that child was not suspended because home life is apparently really bad). They all made up and are still friends.

    It's tough but as parents our attitude can either help the situation or make it worse. How about our attitudes and words, are we creating bullies?

  2. I don't buy the "it's everyone else's fault" with bullying. Regardless of a child's homelife they are making a choice and choice's in life do have consequences. It's terribly sad to hear the stories of bad homes, but a lot of kids have bad homes and don't bully.
    Acting out will happen and those trained in dealing with signs of potential home dangers should be addressing this promptly and directly. However, it does not excuse bad behavior.


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