Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Interesting take of family help

The litany of father and family groups continues to grow, all the while the family structure appears to continue crumbling.  While in my small and insignificant opinion many groups have ulterior agenda's that don't appear to be for the benefit of the family as a whole, but rather many focus on a specific gender.  Other groups seem stuck focusing on symptomatic problems, rather than the hard work of the root causes.

Before you join a group I hope that you ask yourself a couple of questions. 
Does this group promote a positive role for all members of the family? 
Does this group have local resources to access? 
Am I being asked to send a check to someone half way across the nation for their self driven agenda? 
Is this group tied to one political party and thus a skewed agenda? 
If you were to create your own group, what would you do and how does this compare to the group that you are thinking of joining? 
Will your children be proud or ashamed that you are part of this group?
Have you prayed?

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  1. Good questions and maybe your "small and insignificant opinions" aren't as small and insignificant as you think. Keep up the good work.

  2. I want to say hello! I just got an email from Scott Griffiths, whose sons play on my son's baseball team! Anyway, he saw that I am a post divorce coach and have a site, and thought we might be able to cross collaborate!


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