Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This is completely gay!

From the title of this post I'm guessing the Department of Education (DOE) would be none too happy if I were a school principal.  I really am unable to express enough as to just how "retarded" this most recent move is by the DOE.  At a time when many are agreeing the Department of Education is a failed experiment implemented by Jimmy Carter and should be abolished.  The DOE is telling schools that they need to monitor children's lunchtime conversations, texts, as well as facebook posts.  Failure to do so could land your local school principal in hot water, including lawsuits, re-education (is this a camp?) for the students/family/school staff of offenders. 

What exactly is deemed offensive by the way?  Really, everything we say or do is bound to offend someone. 

You just have to read more about this:


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