Friday, September 30, 2011

How can you best discourage your kids success?

Tax the rich...again?  I've posted before that I think this type of thinking is just hateful, pure and simple.  It's most basic element is that those who wish to tax the rich want to take from someone else for their own selfish reasons.  Enough said.
Apply the same screwed up hateful tax the rich logic to kids and what do you have?  Well yes more hate directed at kids.  Technically tax the rich hate speech is already directed at kids, since I'm sure some rich people have kids.  I have not seen any scientific data to confirm this, but I'm pretty sure some rich people have kids.  I digress.
Taxing the rich is punishing success.  So if we were to teach the next generation this type of gloriously screwed up way of thinking what are some ways to do this.  As I've posted before we could take away points from their grades and give the points to kids who are failing a particular subject.  That's bound to teach kids to study and work hard, oops I meant that will discourage them from trying.   I won't go on with this crap.
All you tax the rich haters out there; what are some ways you recommend discouraging/punishing/taxing kids?


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