Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Global diversity and our kids

Recently Yum Brands, Inc., which owns KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell, was pointed out to me.  Apparently Yum Brands feels so strongly about Global Diversity and Inclusion that they have an official position titled, "Sr. Director of Global Diversity and Inclusion".  Everyone wants to be included and diversity or variety is a good thing...right?.

From Yum Brands website:
"We are also increasing the representation of African Americans, Hispanics, and women among our key talent/decision makers, and growing the pipeline of diversity in our mid-level manager ranks.
James Fripp
Yum! Brands Sr. Director of
Global Diversity and Inclusion"

Hmmm, funny when you take a lot of the initiatives being promoted lately like tax the rich and global diversity and apply it to your children's classroom the results are often appalling.  Picture your kids class during an exam and based on historical trends and skin color, you award who in the class gets an A, B, or C.  Makes a whole lot of sense, well okay not really, but why is this same logic being pushed by a major corporation?  If this global diversity and inclusion does make sense, why not cover the spectrum?  What about including the Irish, Italian, Scottish, and Middle Eastern?  Then again wouldn't it be easier for those promoting this global diversity and inclusion to just call this what it appears to be, "NO WHITE MALES".  You can change James title to, "Sr. Director of Global Get Whitey and Exclusion".

What kind of world are we leaving to our children when we have programs that give special consideration to those based on skin color and/or gender?  Not a good one and I'll be skipping Pizza Hut from now on and I sure hope Domino's doesn't follow suit.

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