Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mad at Dad?; article from parenting.com

Dads here is an article with various viewpoints from several "mad" moms and is something to consider what the mother of your children would say if asked to comment for Parenting.com, should she be one of these "mad" moms. The article is greatly lacking the perspective of Dads who for all intent and purpose are the Moms of the house. Furthermore this article seems to presume that Dads and Moms should be the same type of parent to and for children. A viewpoint I do not share and actually contend it's the variety of parenting styles that gives children their full childhood. With all of my agreement and disagreement with this article, I do come back to one the my strongest beliefs with parenting. If you want to provide your children a happy and loving home, then love and put Mom or Dad first. When Mom and Dad are happy then the children will be happy and feel loved. So if cleaning the bathtub or cleaning it more often will show mom you care, you love her, and are contributing?. I recommend using Clorox Green Works and installing a flat screen in the bathrooms.


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